Cuba Libre first started in 2012 as a small covers band in the seaside town of Weymouth in Dorset. The band primarily covered Reggae and Ska, and eventually used that as a platform to start introducing some of their own songs to the set. Inspired by the music they had started playing, the band developed their own tracks with heavy influences from Reggae, Ska, Rock and Hiphop. 

After honing a completely original setlist, Cuba Libre worked at getting themselves as much exposure as possible with the help of Rabbit Hole Records and Promotions, the music promotions company run in part by Lewis, Rob and Steve. Through this avenue the band found themselves playing alongside the likes of Ugly Duckling, The FreeStylers and The Dub Pistols, helping to establish the band on the urban music scene


In 2015 the band reached a cross roads when vocalist Steve and drummer Adam decided to part ways from Cuba Libre. For a while the band's future was uncertain until the arrival of Morgan, who took on the role of vocalist, and Zoe on the drums.

Accomodating the existing songs for a female singer meant that a lot of the tracks had to be reworked and by adding a new drummer with a completely different style, before long the band had evolved their sound into the emphatically ecclectic genre that it is today.

Politcally charged and topical lyrics play out over catchy piano riffs, face melting guitar solo's and basslines that will make your pants fall off. Cuba Libre bring you beats that will keep you out of your seat and an electric performance you won't forget.



Lewis Chambers

Front Man - Rappist

Writing since before he can remember, Lewis is a dedicated lover of Hiphop. He started laying lyrics over digital beats at 16 and over the following years collaborated with friends and other local artists at every opportunity to improve on his art. Lewis had always wanted to write to live music and work with a band, and finally got the chance to when he met the Cuba Libre crew. Initially Lewis only featurd on one song but it was clear that the Hiphop influence enhanced the sound that the band was establishing at the time, The rest is history.

Lewis is a PR machine and strives constantly to promote and push the band to new heights, his dedication and passion for the music Cuba Libre produce has pulled the band through many a tight spot. He puts his own firm beliefs into everything he writes and sews powerful messages from his own observations and experiences into his lyrics.

But he never shuts the f*** up!

Morgan 'Boytits' Lily

Vocals - Acoustic Guitar

Morgan has been singing her whole life, at 15 she taught herself to play the guitar and started to get involved in the music industry, primarily working the vocals on original Hiphop tracks with other local artists but also performing with bands and writing her own material. 4 years ago Morgan started an acoustic solo act playing an eclectic covers set under the guise of Boytits, even performing at some of the same gigs as Cuba Libre. It was after one of these crossover gigs that Morgan started following the band and became a fan.

In 2015 Boytits performed as support to Blak Twang at an event organised by Rabbit Hole Promotions and subsequently joined Cuba Libre a few months later. Since then the singer has been singing the lead vocal and playing rhythm on the acoustic guitar for the band, Morgan co writes the lyrical content with Lewis and also acts as media manager, masterminding video, web and graphic content for Cuba Libre.

Rob Avery

Bass - Sound Engineer - Producer

Rob started playing guitar when he was 16 shortly followed by the bass a few years later when he first got into recording with an old 2 channel tape deck. Following in both of his parents' footsteps, Rob started playing with performing bands at around the age of 20, his dad even played drums in his first band. Having always been fascinated in sound engineering, Rob used his experiences of working in a live music environment to teach himself the trade and get to grips with the technical side of engineering and producing music. Over the years he has become a competent and proffessional sound guru, taking the driver's seat on EP production for every band he's been in and then some. His musical influences range from SlipKnott to The Skints with a strong preference to basslines that are in the ball park of the brown note.

Rob used to play alongside Buff and former singer Steve in the Stomping Goats before co-founding Cuba Libre. He's easy to spot as he's usually either stressing over the sound desk, leaping around the stage swinging his bass like a battle axe or firmly perched with a cider in the corner.

F*** You Rob!

Rich 'BUFF' Evans

Synths - Keys - Kaos - Melodica

Buff has been playing in bands for over 30 years, travelling across the UK, Channel Islands and Europe with his music, persueing new adventures and accessing unique experiences along the way. He has a diverse style and is talented in playing a variety of instruments allowing him to experiment with different genres and methods of producing, Inspired by the likes of the Beastie Boys, Damon Albarn, Miles Davis et al, not stylistically but for their ability to constantly evolve from track to track, album to album; Buff enjoys fluidity in music and constantly drives himself forward into creating a dynamic and unique sound.

You wouldn't be crazy to think Buff has 6 arms when he rocks up with his equipment and proceeds to seemingly play 5 instruments at once, providing the electric ambient sound that establishes and encourages the eclectic style of Cuba Libre. He's constantly coming up with new melodies and samples that, more often than not, spark the writing process.

Andy Wooton

Electric Guitar - Keys - Organ

Dandy Andy, the riff master, is a natural born musician who has lived and breathed music his entire life. He's been into playing since, and I quote, "My gran used to twat me on the knuckles when i messed up my fingering on the keys when I was a kid". Surrounded by a musical family, Andy is pretty handy with many instruments including the guitar, piano, bass, drums and the trumpet to name a few. As a teenager Andy discovered alternative music and turned full muso, rejecting the 'radio friendly unit shifter' sound that polluted the mainstream. He has played in bands since he was 14 and has a varied performance history but always wanted to get out there and establish his own sound. He did just that when he started in Cuba Libre.


As an original member Andy makes up the core sound that is Cuba Libre, being responsible for the face melting solo's and catchy riffs that get under your skin. But don't be fooled, he's deffinitely not all business and enjoys most the opportunity to meet new awesome people and play alongside other talented musicians.

Zoe Crage


Zoe has been playing the Drums for 16 years, pretty much since the first time she sat behind a drum kit at school. Hooked from the first hit, Zoe immersed herself in the drums and joined a band with her school mates. Influenced solely by Travis Barker because "Well he's just F***ing awesome isn't he!?" Zoe is a straight up beat junky who, in her own words, likes to play anything fast! At 18 she stopped performing with a band and played more as a hobby and for pleasure, only dabbling in music ventures until Buff reached out to her to join Cuba Libre in 2015.

Since playing for Cuba Libre, Zoe has continued to impress audiences with her high energy and complex beats. Her dynamic rhythms have brought a new pace to the band's music, allowing the already mixed bag genre of Cuba Libre to expand into Drum & Bass.


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Photographs by Dazma Photography and Amy Mifsud Photography

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